Dashboard lock template dysfunctional

It's a Kwikset 914 Z-Wave Plus, but the signal issues I've read about everyone having is a non-issue for me.

The dashboard neither reads lock status nor will lock the Kwikset 914 lock.
From the devices page of the Hubitat, however, locking and unlocking works properly. What am I doing incorrectly? Same issue exists via browser on PC, so it's not an android app thing. Something within Hubitat isn't correct and I don't know what I've done wrong.

Also, the lock is registering as a Schlage within Hubitat. Is that at all related even though the locking/unlocking works properly outside of the dashboard?

First thing I’d try is switching the driver to the Generic Zwave Lock. If you are still having issues then I’d look at adding the Reliable Lock app.


Thank you very much! I initially searched for Kwikset and figured I was out of luck. Using "Generic Z-Wave Lock" was the fix for dashboard locking, unlocking, and proper status! I really appreciate it.