Dashboard keeps changing

My dashboard keeps changing from cloud to local back and forth constantly. How do i make it stop?

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When you say "it keeps changing", where are you looking at it, in the Hubitat App? or in your browser? Are you on the same network as your hub?


Assuming you are using the app that means your phone is moving out of your wi-fi range so it is switching to the cellular network and therefore the cloud. Walk closer to your router and it will go back to local.

I can be on either, and i can be sitting right next to the hub and it still wants to change back and forth.

Your proximity to the hub is immaterial. What is material is whether you are on wifi or mobile data.

I get this on wall mounted dashboards frequently,

I think it's associated with the hub slow downs. That is, the hub may not be responding in time and the dashboard switches to cloud, then it realizes the hub is there and switches back to local but it times out again and away we go over and over again...… This is just my guess.

I've found that sometimes rebooting the wall mounted tablet (Fire 7" and Fire 10") helps it for a bit. Rebooting the hub is the best solution, until everything slows down again the next time.


I've been having this happen too on iOS - I have 2 WAP's, a Netgear R7800 (Router) upstairs and a Netgear R7000 (AP only) downstairs with 2 separate SSID's. The constant switching seems to happen when I'm downstairs but connected to the upstairs router (signal strength is @ 1/2). Everything else works fine, however when I manually switch to the Downstairs router the constant switching stops.

EDIT: My HE C7 is plugged into a GigE Network switch, not the Netgear router.

Don’t look at the Dashboards from the app - use the app only to manage. For dashboards, put a link for the LAN and WAN Dashboards (from the Dashboard child app) on your mobile device’s home page, use that.

I’ve solved the problem by ditching my dual wifi AP setup and replaced it with a Synology RT2600ac router and a companion MR2200AC mesh AP.