Dashboard issues

When I try to add a device to the dashboard I go to (pick a device) the device I want to add is not there. There are two devices missing a wall switch, cree bulb. These two devices are in my (device list) are fully operational manually and on schedules just not on my dashboard also on Alexa but that's a whole Nother issue.
This has been a issue for months and just can't find a setting or info on it.
Has any. body run across this problem.
All help is appreciated.

Under the Apps tab did you add the devices to the dashboard child app?



More specifically, devices are not added to a dashboard (or the dashboard app) automatically when you add a new device. You must go into the Apps tab, select a dashboard app, and pick the devices you want to use on each dashboard.

This is a feature that allows you to only share what you want to on a dashboard, so you don't have to see something like a kitchen light needlessly in your living room dashboard. Or a motion sensor if you don't want to see it at all.


Even if you select All Devices (which you shouldn't do - comment later), you still need to manually any new added devices.
Why not select all devices, you say? Well, all devices that are selected to be on a dashboard need to be queried every time the dashboard is shown, even if though the devices are not on that dashboard. Only select devices that are wanted on the dashboard.