Dashboard issues with

I have just updated and noticed some text issues on the Dashboards. The "HSM status" and "Mode" have the status text smaller than all other tile status texts. Any Ideas.

PS. Some great updates in this release. Thanks Hubitat Team.

I noticed that as well, but kind of like it! I'm not sure its a problem.

There have been no changes to the text size to my knowledge. Feel free to PM me more details if you are seeing something different, including screenshots if possible.


This is my menu dashboard on an iPhone.

here is old picture.


Same here. The text in my mode tile is small as well.

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Seeing the same...

The change was intentional. We had a reported issue that stated their modes didn't fit on the screen nor did HSM status.

I do think it is a bit small compared to the large text is was. Hopefully the next release we will have something in the middle.

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Sorry @patrick i dont think is is a benifical change. As per screen shots below, these changes prevent the purpose of these tiles, which is to glance and identify modes or HSM status. This size text does not stand out and blends with the tile names etc on the top and bottom.
I am very novice is this but i would say a improved change would be selection of text size based on the tile templates.


Also the original text size was same as all other tiles. It was perfectly fine on my screens. If any changes were to be made i would expect these to be slightly larger text than others which may mean reducing other tiles text sizes slightly.

Would it be feasible to introduce a "font size" field? It'd need to be as a percentage to accommodate dynamic resizing.

For the next update we are splitting out the font size of HSM and Modes to be a bit larger which should be a happy middle ground. It will wrap inside the box as well.

My dashboard on IOS 12 (safari and Chrome) does not work properly with local or cloud control. Turning on and off works with delay, but dimming control does not work 99% of time, but it updates with any status changes.
It works fine with windows and android browsers. Any ideas?

So it appears apple changed some things. Looking into it. For now, it appears that they don't register the end of the tap in the tap and hold action.

So, if you tap the slider after dragging it, it sends the slider value. Have to tap exactly on the slider bar not the drag handle.

Will look at ways we can fix or make this better down the road.

Update, looks like iOS 12 fixed a long standing bug with safari and our workaround for that bug is now broken. This will be fixed in the next update.

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