Dashboard issue

Great job guys on the dashboard.

I have a switch that I can't figure out why it has 2 icons and neither icon does anything. My other switches have a single icon, showing on/off and they work. The one for the Outside Garage Light shows 2 icons, when either is selected I get the spinning circle but nothing happens. The switch works fine otherwise manually and through automations

All switches are using the same device type

Thanks in advance

Is it possible the state is something other than on or off of attribute state?

What template are you using?

Hi Patrick,

I can’t see how the state is anything other than on/off since it’s using the same type as the other non-dimmer switches

Not sure what you mean by template, sorry

Also finding my Iris contact sensors are not displaying battery level or temperature. They do show Open/Closed


When you click the 3 dot menu for that tile, the side menu will show the template. You can change it to any of the templates listed.

If you used the option to auto add your devices in layout, it tries to match to a template, but you can pick new ones for their use case. Example, a contact sensor might be on a door or garage door. Those single use tiles don’t display battery or temp. You can always add another tile for that device and choose a template of battery or temp if you want to.

Thanks Patrick

Got it, default template is used and it's set to a switch like the others. I changed it to a presence sensor and it did update, when I put it back to a switch, both icons comes back.

As for battery/temp, I have an Iris water leak sensor and an Iris motion sensor that do show battery and temp as well as current state. Changing it to a battery template does show the battery but not open/close state or temp. Seems like quite the effort to get all attributes to show for a single device as it would have to be added to 3 or more dashboards


The contact template should show temp and battery. The single purpose templates are for use cases where you only want to see this attribute values. For example, a dashboard for battery level for all devices.

Or temp sensors in a room.

As for the switch in question, can you post a screen shot of that device detail view in the hub UI? Just the part on right showing current states.

Thanks Patrick for the template explanation, it makes sense, just seems like a lot of work to dial it in. I'll get used to it

Here is the device states


BTW, the contact template is not showing battery or temp for me, just open/closed state


I stand corrected, the “contact” tile template is just for showing the contact state. The “multi” template will show the contact state in center, but then show battery and temp.

That worked, thanks


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Been working with engineering, trying to see what could cause switch to report two states of switch. At this point they recommended deleting the device and pairing it back up and see if that issue goes away. Hopefully that will. Switch should never report two states. Something got stuck.

Hi Patrick,

That fixed it. All is good

Sorry for the hassle


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No hassle at all. Hate to delete something vs trying to fix it. But if it never comes back we should be good. It was a good head scratcher. Please feel free to let me know anything else you find. Appreciate your patience.

I am getting a null on my batteries on the dashboard, thoughts?

Also, any way to not show the 2 decimal places for temp?

So null means the driver isn’t reporting the unit in the send/create event.

Built in drivers will properly round temp and provide proper units. If its not a built in driver, it would need to be fixed by the author.

Re: Null the device does not show any null values and each attribute is populated, interesting

Re: rounding temp, I'm using the built in driver. I just don't see any value in 74.39 degrees, 74 should be fine in most all cases


For our non US customers we will probably round to tenths. Since 21 and 22 C is a big change :slight_smile:

And when I meant will. They will in the next release :slight_smile:

And for folks like me in the US, can we get 74 degree please?


Appreciate the request. We will see what we can come up with. I like to see the difference between 74.1 and 75.4

It’s really out of my hands as its up to the precision the driver provides. We’ll discuss our options for precision for built in drivers that report temp and other numeric values.

@patrick Hi just wondering if there's been any movement towards rounding the decimal places for locations outside the US.
I'm using the built in Aeon Outlet driver with my fridge plugged in and I get the following

I don't need that level of precision, in Aus. :slight_smile:
Also I'm assuming Watts for the unit of Power but what is Energy in ??