Dashboard Issue

I am trying to create a new dashboard with certain devices.. but the dashboard app is adding "HSM Status" and "Mode" tiles.. that is messing up the automatic layout.. it is so annoying.. WHY is the heck is the dashboard app adding those two tiles ? is there a setting or something that I need to turn off when creating the new dashboard ?
Now I am stuck with playing sliding tiles for my hundred odd tiles because of those two extra tiles messing up my layout.. ! annoying

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It may be worth stepping through the process you are using to create the dashboard with a few screenshots.

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Agreed. Only things you authorize through settings>>apps>>hubitat dashboards>>dashboard name should be available to any particular dashboard. You do not want to select everything as that will slow down rendering. Just select what you are going to use in that particular dashboard.

I did take a quick look, I suspect Modes and HSM Status are made available ootb, or at least the settings to make them available did not appear to be on the dashboard config screen.

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yeah.. I also quickly did the same.. a simple dashboard with 3 items authorized..
and used the defaults.. and created a 1 x 3 layout.. and the mode and HSM tile showed up..

when you have quite a few ( for example sensor dashboards.. having mode and HSM show up in the middle somewhere is extremely annoying.. I just spent 30 minutes moving all the tiles into the layout after deleting the two in the middle of my water sensors and contact sensors..

anyways.. hopefully it is a one time thing.. and wont have to do it again !

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Are you using the "auto create" layout option when you first make the dashboard?

I have found this very annoying, also, so I add them manually. I usually want them in a different order than they way they are automatically placed.

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no, in a new dashboard creation .. I just resize by browser width to approximately the size of 3-4 tiles.. and then I get an option of "Autofill grid 3 x 35" etc at the bottom.. and I have used that..
If I do "Dashboard Builder", then it doesnt add the extra tiles..

This is what I meant by auto create.

@support_team should the autofill automatically include mode/HSM?


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