Dashboard issue. Changed attributes, now add/remove device requires reload to refresh

Basically the title.
I just tweaked a couple of colors, size, font, and added a couple of background icons. All via the ui. After that when I add or remove a tile I must load the dashboard again to see the change. I created another dashboard and let it auto add tiles. It does not have this issue. Did I dork something up or is this a known issue?

So you delete a tile, and when you confirm Yes/No to delete that tile, it is still on the dashboard? Then you refresh to make it go away? Are you using the browser refresh :arrows_counterclockwise: button, or using the :white_check_mark: in the upper corner of the dashboard?

I wonder what would happen if you clone the existing dashboard? I am giving the "lite" version here, but basically create a blank dash, go to the old one you want to clone, gear menu, advanced, and copy all that code. Paste it back into the new dash in that same menu.

Not sure I will be much help, but maybe bumping this up someone else has an idea?

If so, then no that doesn't sound normal. And not a known bug far as I am aware...

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What I was doing was Clicking Left menu Dashboards and then the Dashboard name. Refresh just drops you to that menu anyways. The green check mark - did not realize you could do that does reload the panel and then devices show up. Clone menu does the same thing.

This might be something you want to contact support about. I can't say that I remember ever seeing that issue on this forum.