Dashboard in iPhone app: hidden element behind tiles

Hey folks,

Below are a few pics of my dashboard. I noticed yesterday there's a new thin, grey bar above the dashboard's title bar, see pic below:

This did not previously exist and I don't know what I changed nor can I think of anything else that changed (beyond updating the hub) to cause it. It also doesn't reveal the bar using a regular browser.

If I pull down the whole dashboard--see pic below--you can see it starts to reveal a white panel with a Close button on it.

If I pull it further down, it's populated with text--this is valid status text from my laundry rules.

I'm also able to pull the dashboard down completely and entirely dismiss it, see below:

Clicking Close causes the dashboard to refresh and re-appear.

I have a few questions:

  1. does anyone know what this is, what purpose this serves?
  2. does anyone know how to control its content--I have use-cases for this?
  3. does anyone know how to remove it if there's no answer to #2 above?


That’s odd.

Does that also show on the dashboard if you open in a mobile or desktop browser window?

Indeed it is.

It does not render the gray bar/provide that same functionality outside of the iPhone app.

I also noticed that I'm able to pull the screen down regardless of which tab I'm in in the iPhone app--I can do it in Settings or Tools or Lights, etc.

Maybe @moncho1138 can comment.

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Just resolved it by logging out and back in--figured it was transient if nobody else had seen it.

Still, very weird... but kinda useful if controllable.

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