Dashboard import/export is great, when did that happen?!

I haven't changed my dashboards much in a while as I have mostly been using Sharptools, but have just found the import/export feature on it. It works great and has saved me a huge amount of work in creating a cut-down version of my heating dashboard for a dedicated screen display. Thanks team :+1:

As far as I remember, it's been there since day one. :smiley:

Buried though. I use it several times a month, and I hear that question in my head "Where did Import go?"

I used it 10 times yesterday as I moved Dashboards (technically I duplicated them, cuz I haven't deleted the old yet) and as I'm creating a new Dashboard, I can't find Import... cuz it doesn't show til after the entity has been created.

Yup, been there since the beginning. I use it a lot for testing and such. I copy and paste my customColors into the json quite a bit.


Where is this feature? :scream:

Since I haven't really been able to do this much. It's even in the docs :slight_smile: Hubitat™ Dashboard - Hubitat Documentation Scroll down to Import/Export Dashboard Layout

Short story, its in the Layout section of the dashboard child app. Copy and paste layouts.

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Doh!!! I guess I need to hand back my scouts observancy badge then!

Me too!!!!!

Import/export... not any more.

It's now:
Layout - This area allows you to copy and paste in layouts or make direct edits to your options, layout and custom colors. Quickly share custom colors or layouts using the code from this window.

What do you mean?

It looks like the documentation page doesn’t actually say “import/export” but the content is there:

And the advanced menu with the option to save layout json in the dashboards never went anywhere, AFAIK:

Can you elaborate?

From the quoted old, outdated, irrelevant, misleading, link in my post:

IF, you're using the search function to look for answers, you might end up finding this thread and wasting your time trying to find the import/export function that once existed.
I was just trying to save anyone else the trouble.
Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

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:+1: gotcha, thanks. It's an inherent risk of relying on forum posts, which can get outdated quickly. The documentation is actually a wiki though, which makes it easier to keep up to date; community members can submit edits but I think it's an underutilized feature for many.