Dashboard Ideas

I saw that the other open-dash or I can’t remember it’s name… but you know what I"m talking about is possibly coming to Hubitat. I think @pstuart has been in communications.

Has anyone looked into https://homeflow.io/

Their site and screenshots posted in the ST forums look nice.

Open-dash merged with House Panel and we hope they will have a connection to Hubitat soon.

I have not looked at homeflow.io until now. Looks promising as well.


I'm looking at integrating https://sharptools.io

Here's a sneak preview of the customizable dashboards feature I'm working on:


@josh, the more the merrier. Happy to test!

When was this available for ST anyways?

It’s available for ST now… I never really officially released it over there yet. :smiley:

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@josh, wow late to the game with us looking to move :smile:

Haha. The architecture is designed in a way to support multiple platforms. My vision is to have a single surface for interacting with all your smart devices. :smiley:


@josh, I can’t wait to try it out. I think there’s some work going on with HousePanel also looking to integrate and I found another one last night https://homeflow.io/ that looks interesting if they would support Hubitat that would be cool.