Dashboard Icons not working


I switched from ST, everything is ported ok except the icons in dashboard seems not to work except for zigbee GE bulbs. Pressing the icons doesn't do anything and it doesn't show the status of switches/fan etc. I have tried changing the template to bulb/switch but still no go

Is this a device handler issue? Hoping for faster answer.

Sorry but after reading this several times, I'm having trouble understanding the issues. Maybe a picture would help?

I'll spit ball, but this could be way off. You mention 'fan' status, but your setting it as a "switch". Make sure you choose the correct template for each device. For blubs you can use 'blub' or 'switch', but fans should be set as 'fan' templates, unless they are ultimately controlled by a switch. If the template you pick does not match the device you will see this


That won't work and you'll need to pick a different template. Hope it helps. Post some pics and sure we can nail this down.

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So tell us a bit more about what is going on. Are these all the same devices that are not working? Zigbee, Zwave? What brand and model are these devices?


These are Jasco/GE Switches and Garage door is Linear Z-wave device
I have tried switching it to bulb/switch but no go. For garage it is selected garage but nothing happens after pushing the button

Start with these. What driver (device handler as you call it) are they using? This is listed as "Type" in the device settings page.

And are these Zwave, Zwave plus, Zigbee? Do you have a model number? GE/Jasco have made many different types, and they all need different drivers...

Thanks Turbo, Are .png type files not supported? I have taken screenshot but not able to upload. Also where would I find the model/driver info? Under Device details?

You are new, and the forum software won't allow you to post pictures for a little bit. That will change once you have posted a few times, read a few posts, and been here for a few days.

So for now just list what driver it is using.

Device details may show some info, but the best source is if you know what you purchased, have a box, or take the switch out and read the label. You can sometimes tell what you have by the numbers on the face of the switch.

Do these have tabs on the side of the switch? If they came without tabs, that really narrows things down a few of the newer Enbrighten models.

Gotcha, Well the old Jasco came with tabs which I ported from ST. New GE Ones didn't come with tabs. Are there custom drivers needed? Do we have list perhaps ? I will dig deeper, what about the Linear garage door?


Never used the Linear, but it might help to list what drivers all these "broken" devices are currently using.

So what driver did the Jasco switches pick when paired?

It picked "Generic Z-wave Switch for most of them. The screenshot says Zwave switch but this device is fan. I think you have given me good direction, Let me start playing with different options here. If some has any info on Linear Zwave garage door opener then please let me know. It Paired fine

There are some community drivers for the GE Jasco. But you have to know what you are using here before just randomly installing the custom driver. Forgot to add above, you can tell if they are Zwave PLUS by looking for 0x5E in the Zwave details page, or possibly in the "Device Details" at the bottom of the device settings page (not all devices seem to show that there). Older non-plus Zwave are 0x22 or something like that and lack the 5E cluster.

Also, if you switch drivers, you want to hit "configure" on that same page, upper left corner.

Last, the upper right corner there are "Current States". If you control the device from that settings page with the buttons on the left (Off/On/Dim), the Current States should follow whatever button you press. If things don't work here they will NOT work on the dashboard.

Ok, thats great. Thanks man. I just figured out the Garage thing. Type needed was Garage-Control. kept generic zwave garage door under devices. Hopefully it will help someone.

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