Dashboard icon that sets a dimmer to a pre set value

I would like to have a dashboard icon that sets a dimmer to a preset value. how would I do this?

Iā€™m guessing that a virtual switch shown on your dashboard will need some logic with a rule of sorts to set the correct dimmer level. Or you could create a scene for the dimmer and add that to the dashboard.


try this.

Create a virtual device with type virtual button. Name it whatever you want.
Add built in app Button Controller
Using this, add a rule that when the button is pressed, the light is turned on to the level desired.

When naming the virtual device, I would recommend the actual devices name plus the percentage. I.e., Couch Left 22.


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You could also play with scenes to make it more future proof. Create a scene which presets the dimmer(s) to your preset value. Then, you can just add the scene to your dashboard. I am using this and it works great. For the same bulbs, one dashboard icon switches them to night mode, while other is for reading mode.



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