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Hi All - I am very new to Hubitat, migrating from Vera.
Slowly but surely I am getting there - but I am completely baffled by getting a neat Dashboard on my iPhone.
I can get a 2*whatever matrix, but cannot get the tiles to fit on the screen so that I don't have to swipe left-right. I just want to reduce the size so as to fit two-across.
Even setting up using iPhone access to Hubitat, referring to Hubitat® Dashboard | Hubitat Documentation cannot acieve the nest fit.
Is there a solution to this? Platform Thanks

Try setting the width of the dashboard to zero. That should force it to automatically fit to the width of the screen. Note, however, that it will also do this on the PC / Mac browser as well, so you may want to use a different dashboard on those devices.

And welcome to the Community. Nice to see another user from down here.

Thanks for that - yes, I am setting fresh Dashboards for each device.
No joy on that idea, the icons come up on top of each other (I am setting just two columns). I have tried setting up on both the desktop and also on the iPhone. I'll keep trying.....

Make sure you add the tiles in a different grid location, i.e. row and column.

I can take more of a look tomorrow night and give you some screenshots, if you are still grappling with it then.

This is how I set mine for my one dash and it works fine for auto fitting. Another good option is using Hubivue... www.hubivue.com

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Yes, blank, not zero, thanks Rick

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Brilliant, thanks guys. The support for Hubitat is amazing!
Just one battle left, a zConnect double garage door opener, then my transition from dear Vera is complete.
I did not realise that setting area was dynamic - much easier with that!
The tweaking after will be just fine tuning and much smoother as I get a handle on the system.

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