Dashboard for hsm

I am trying to make a keypad in my garage on an ipad for arming / disarming hsm
I am using an app called Hubitat Dashboard

It is working however I can arm and disarrm without a pincode, it never asks for any
even though I have written a value in the field

What am I doing wrong.

I have searched but did not really find anything usefull

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Look for Virtual Keypad by "mbarone" - [RELEASE] Virtual Keypad . There is also "Virtual Basic Keypad" but actually harder to set up.
Here's how I set it up. Hope that helps:

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Virtual Keypad is a game changer! It was a bit of an obsession for me till I ended up here...

Lots of rules involved also

The pin codes referenced in the dashboard settings is for using the pop up window that comes from tapping the HSM status tile.

To do it the way you want you'll need to use the app that @mbarone made.

Thank you both.
I will look into it, and probably have more quastions later

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Hello Mark
As I see it, it is the one I am using

You need to set the pin settings in the virtual keypad device directly, or by using lock code manager to manage the pins for the keypad.

The pins should display on the keypad device page when set properly.

The built in hsm dashboard pins are for the built in hsm tile, not for the virtual keypad addon.

This is the child

I suppose it is what is marked red, i have tried in both parrent and child

The blue one works

I think it migth be something with setting up the button on the keypad, however hsm swith its mode from armed to disarmed

Thank you for your time

that's the dashboard settings, not what you are looking for.

Find the keypad device in your 'devices' tab/menu item, the 'lockCodes' should be in the 'Current States' section of the keypad device.

You can use the 'set code' function from the keypad device page to set codes you need, or you can separately manage your lock codes using the addon, 'lock code manager'

that was a page I have not seen.
However it still does not work, I guess you mean the child instance. When I press disarm, it just disarms, it is not asking for a code. I have seen that boxes should be marked or unmarked, if it should ask for pincode

And if I cared to read: "Set lock codes in the keypad device or using an app like Lock Code Manager".

What can I do in the blue marked area, tile number?
I have also tried code manager, no joy, maybe I should delete it all and start on a fresh!