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Hi, I wanted to ask if the font or font size has been changed in the last update (, I did the update today and when I went into my dashboard the fonts are bigger and are overlapping some of the icons. Something has definitely changed since the last update?

I'm not aware of any changes having been made to Dashboard in 2.2.1 (or, to be honest, any recent firmware version in a long time). If it's not a browser issue on your computer/device, then it's possible the font size got changed on your Dashboard. You can adjust this with the gear/cogs/settings icon in the upper right. Click/tap that, make sure you're viewing the options for "Grid" (upper right, but it's selected by default, so you probably won't need to do this), and experiment with the "Font Size" plus and minus buttons.


You can also do this on a individual per tile basis if you wanted. Add the following to the CSS (advanced section in the same gear/cog area mentioned above).

Change the number (24) to be the number of the tile you targeting.

#tile-24 .tile-title {font-size: 15px !important;}


The Strange thing is I did not change anything and I print screen my dashboard when I am happy with it and backup the layout and the css files into a txt file. I went and had a look at the settings were the same as before, just when I did an update and the hub rebooted all the fonts looked slightly bigger and some of my text was over lapping,

I made the font smaller and that helped, but I did have to change some specific tiles as I could not get the font to stop over lapping??

Very strange.

Make sure as @bertabcd1234 mentioned that your browser zoom is right and such.

But if you wanna get crazy with it

#tile-24 .tile-title {
  font-size: 15px !important;
  font-family: chiller !important;  
  font-style: italic !important;


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I did check the browser zoom as well, I even tried it in 3 different browsers, I normally use Chrome, so tried FireFox and the "new Edge), all had the same result. I have no idea, but thanks for the tips on fonts. Can you tell me where I can get a list of supported fonts I could use on the dashboard.

Thanks again
EDIT: What is the default font family on the dashboard?

Not really I just grabbed one that looked cool in Word and tried it. I know it is browser specific not HE. Here is a resource on the topic.

No clue I use smartly for all my dashes. I thought you did as well?

Hi TechMedX

Yes I mean what would the default font be once it has been through smartly? I do use smartly.

Barlow Condensed

I would encourage you to post that (or post to the smartly thread) when discussing issues with smartly dashboards. Had I know we were discussing a smartly dash I would tell you to run the JSON back thru the most recent version of smartly just to be sure it is up to date.

EDIT: you could also use the smartly tag. Add that tag to any post to have myself and @spelcheck notified.