Dashboard Fan Tile

I just tried out the new Fan Tile and while it works, it's not very user friendly.

Example of how it works now:
Tap on Tile to turn it 'On'
Wait 2 to 3 seconds for tile to change to 'Low'
Tap Tile again...
Wait 2 to 3 seconds for tile to change to 'Medium-Low'
Tap Tile again...
Wait 2 to 3 seconds for tile to change to 'Medium'
Tap tile AGAIN...
Tada...we now have a fan running on 'High'!

It would be a lot easier and faster if by taping the Tile one time brought up a box with all the speeds plus off displayed? Just like the Mode tile would be great.

@patrick ...thoughts?


Since I don't think your @patrick was formatted correctly in your post. I went ahead and @'d him :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest that we be allowed to chose the fan speed for the button so we can create multiple buttons with the speed we need....but....I think I like your suggestion better. It would allow for a cleaner dashboard and still allow you to set a specific speed easily (I never go above medium Low for any of my fans).

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Thanks! Missed that.

To be honest, we use voice and/or motion to control everything but sometimes we do need to change the speed. The way it's set up now, it would be quicker to just find the remote and change it that way. :sunglasses:

Also, noticed that 'Comfort Breeze' isn't an option (Hampton Bay Fan Controller).

Good suggestions. Having the hampton bay controller, the functionality was replicated, you have to press the button for each mode to toggle through. Auto is comfort breeze, fyi.

There is one other mode that our capability supports but hampton doesn't which is medium-high.

I'll look into what it will take in a future version to do a pop up list of actions like Modes and HSM do.


The GE Fan Controller, is that supposed to be used as a dimmer or a Fan tile? I'm only able to control it via a dimmer tile. Was hoping it would fall under the Fan Tile.


I'm seeing the same thing. I have 6 fans (GE Fan Controller devices) - when using the fan tile, nothing shows other than the header and footer. If I change the tile type to dimmer, then something shows (albeit with a bulb icon). The other observation is when the tile is changed from fan to dimmer, the state of the device is not automatically updated - sometimes its on when the actual device if off. If I turn it off/on via the tile, then its updates. I've been able to replicate this by deleting and creating new dashboards with fan items. Fingers-crossed its an easy fix.

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The GE Fan Controller driver doesn't support the fanSpeed capability. There will be additional refinements to how we handle fans in the future. For now if the fanSpeed is not a capability, any of the setLevel templates (bulb, dimmer, etc) can be used to set the fan speed.

I am just getting into the Hubitat and ran across the issue with the fan button not having speed controls. I found this thread, and changed the tile to a dimmer. I am just fine using the slider. The only issue is the icon mentioned earlier. Is there not a way to either specify the icon or duplicate the dimmer template to a second fan template with a proper icon?

Like I said I am new to the Hubitat.. so I apologize if I am missing something obvious.

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Patrick, I know it was recently announced, but was wondering you think the new Lutron fan control switches will utilize the fan icon with speed control?

The GE ceiling fan switch doesn't work with the fan template in the dashboard only as a dimmer template for me, which is fine. I actually prefer the dimmer template just wish it had an image of a moving fan when it was on instead of a light bulb, but then I realize the dimmer template is suppose to be used with a light dimmer switch not a fan switch. Maybe Hubitat can add one in future updates, it would make total sense.

Any updates on The GE fan controller template?

Nothing to update at this time. It's in the backlog of things to tackle. No eta.

I use the bulb template since the dimmer doesn't have on/off just a level. Most of the time I just want to turn on and off

Both dimmer and bulb templates have on/off. Could you provide more information?

The fan template supports a tap action that brings up setSpeed commands including on/off as well.

You should test the dimmer again on FF on mac and iOS - I find it very flaky, 9 times out of ten it doesn't respond to on and off, bulb on the other hand is responsive

I see that now - although there is no visual feedback for on/off status. I have turned of the default colors and there is no way of globally defining alternate colors. The ugly ■■■ mustard literally makes me sick

You can change it in the template editor.

How do I do it globally? I only see options per template type. Also is there a way to define custom templates?

Also seems like templates are bound to dashboards - so if I changes a fan template on/off color, I will need to do it in all 4 of my dashboards, Multiply that will all the other devices where I want to make the same change it becomes unmanageable. Am I the only one bothered by this, what are others doing for customization or are they not bothering with Dashboard at all?

You can go into advanced, and copy the customColors section of the layout and share between dashboards.

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