Dashboard Error: No Devices Authorized

I am not sure if this is related, but this morning I updated my HE C7 to I then created a new dashboard and I am getting the error below. Existing dashboards are still working.

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Hi there, the message simply alerts you that there are no devices selected to be used for the new dashboard. To authorize devices, please go to Apps, then click the link to newly created Dashboard and select devices that you'd like to use. Check the updated Dashboard documentation below:



Interesting. I see how that works and it does work. However, the previous 15 dashboards I had created under the previous HE firmware I've never selected any devices to be used and yet they all showed up. Point in fact. Here's my Kitchen dashboard created a few months ago.

Now, here are the app settings for that dashboard and you can see that no devices are or ever have been selected. Sounds like this was a bug earlier and I was just not aware and now it is fixed.

Not where I can check right now, but I want say there is a setting in the Dashboard App itself that says something to the effect of allow all devices for new dashboards with an On/Off switch next to it. The default may have been changed to off recently would be my guess.

I believe I read that this was added in as a security/performance feature in this version of FW. Instead of defaulting to everything the new firmware now defaults to nothing and you must select what you want on available to the dashboard. Pros and Cons to that approach but it's not a show stopper.

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I believe you are correct. Now that I see this, I have to agree that the default to no authorization and having to be explicit is most certainly the best option from a security perspective.

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Nevermind... I scrolled up and read.

It's also been established the having every device available to a dashboard can cause a speed/performance issue. Having only the devices selected that the dashboard is actually using makes it faster.

That is good information. I have not built a dashboard since this update. Thanks for sharing! Should I then go and disable availability to unused devices on my old dashboards?

If you don't need them on your dashboard I'd disable them. From what I've read, all the active devices get a connection when the dashboard is opened regardless of whether or not it's on the dashboard. So you're saving some resources if you disable ones you don't use. If memory serves then I believe I also read that in some cases (when the dashboard is live all the time like on a tablet kiosk) you could see a performance hit with too many active devices enabled. I usually enable almost all my devices to start, flush out the dashboard, then disable the ones I didn't use.

It would be cool to have an optimize resources feature that you could run after building a dashboard, that automagically disables devices not used.

First time I notice this. I had never done so in my previous dashboards, and now I discover this since it surprisingly does not allow me to include devices.

After reading this, I will enable the desired devices.

@matt.palermo - One of the things I love most about Hubitat is the community. I have found almost everyone to be helpful, supportive and friendly.

There are many users that are not technical and do not have a technical background, but feel that they can ask seemingly simple questions (for some) free from judgement and ridicule.

Responses like yours are belittling, but also offer nothing productive. If you don't have something helpful, or nice to contribute, maybe keep your gloating and insults to yourself.

@vmsman I too have found that previously created dashboards do not require device selection. The addition of this requirement has it's benefits as others have highlighted, but the trade off is the need to authorise newly added devices in each dashboard.

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@matt.palermo I think you have read out of context. Everyone here was being very helpful and not belittling at all. I had simply pointed out that device authorization was being required in dashboards, whereas it had not been a requirement in earlier versions of the firmware.

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