Dashboard Error Message

Saw this in my log after setting up a handful of dashboards for the first time. Anyone know what it means and what to do about it?

Excluded attribute multizone size of attribute > 1024 characters
Edit: It's a Warning, not an Error, in the log. FWIW.

Whatever attribute you are trying to display on a dashboard tile exceeds the permitted 1024 characters.
The 1024 is a hard limit which is fixed by Hubitat and cannot be changed

Are you using a custom app or driver to display an attribute on a tile?


Is there any way to identify which attribute this is? I have a couple dozen dashboards each with several dozen tiles. I can't imagine what could be 1024 characters.

Not sure if this a related issue or a different one, but I've run into a weird edge case with Dashboards.

I have a bunch of tablets around the house that run these dashboards (the buttons down the left provide access to each of the capability-specific views). The example below is a simple Presence dashboard:

But there are also complicated ones like this, overlaid on my home's floorplan that provide an "at-a-glance" view of things like lights, motion, and perimeter security.

We're happy with how these turned out. They work well and are pretty snappy. As a result of the floorplan-based dashboards, I use column x row layouts of 70x50 to get my devices where I want them. So far, it's all worked beautifully. Until I pulled up a dashboard on one of the 8" Fires around the house. I get this below.

It's as if all the tiles reverted to 1x1 laid out automatically. If I look at the same dashboard on a 10" Fire, on my ipad, on my laptop, no problem. It comes out perfectly. Only on all of my 8" fires. Weird.

Any ideas?

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