Dashboard Enhancement Suggestions


Wow, some serious thought into this thread. Thanks for sharing.

I have something very simple that I'd like to tag on. I know it's going to seem petty, but I currently use ST's at my dads house (he's 86 yrs). The one thing I know I'd miss is the inability for the dashboard to show me activity of a device. I use activity around my dads house to know that he's up and moving around or I see the garage door went up so I know he probably left to go somewhere. So the activity is almost as important in that case as the current state. Maybe there is a way to get that, but I fairly new to HE and I haven't seen it yet.



You mean the event history? Click on the 3 dot next to any tile and you can click history and see the last events for that selected device.

You can also see this by device in the advanced, devices section of any dashboard.


Oh my goodness, I can't believe I missed that. That's exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you for pointing this out.


I missed the full screen option too, its just not an intuitive UI pattern. Adding a full screen button or icon on the dashboard itself would probably be a better start.