Dashboard doesn't update after commands given with Alexa

Hello all, any idea why dashboard does not update in real time with commands given by Alexa?


Check the device in the hub Web UI under devices. Does the status change there? Dashboard is just a reflection of the state of the device in the hub.

What device? Driver? This isn't really a dashboard issue as much as a driver or device issue.

When you change the device in the device details in the hub, does the state change?

Yes, you are right the the problem is not the dashboard but that is where I found the issue first. However, the real problem is that lights are actually off (turned off with Alexa) but the status in the hub is still on as well as the dashboard since is the mirror of the hub as we said. I do have the issue with light bulbs so far. Note that I’m grouping lights, don’t know if it can make a difference. Thanks

If you provide the driver name and device types it might help. Any errors in logs?

Are they Z-Wave devices?

this is the device. yes are zwave.
No errors using them, they work great with the hub and UI, the issue is with Alexa only.

What driver is it using in HE? You can see this in the device details page for the device.

Also, the description in that link says they are ZIGBEE, not zwave?? VERY big difference, so make sure which one you have.

you are right they are ZIGBEE. I just checked the box.
How ever here is details of one of the devices.

Any suggestions on this?