Dashboard Display of Temp / # of decimals

I have installed two Sonoff Temperature / Humidity Sensors. Yeah me - learning.

On the dashboard button, it displays to two decimal places. Is there a way to changes the display to one decimal place or just the whole number?

Yes and no. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but here's what I did to workaround this issue. As I understand it, the precision of the temperature is controlled by the driver and the dashboard has no internal way to round temperatures to a whole number. That would be great, but it can't. So, the workaround is to create a virtual temperature sensor that is updated whenever the "raw" sensor changes. The rule that updates the virtual sensor can also round it. In my case I have a zigbee sensor outside in a radiation shield to keep sun from affecting the reading. It's called "Raw Temperature Sensor." I also have a virtual sensor called "Backyard". I use Backyard on dashboards and rules. So if the temp is 27.21 (like now!) it will display as 27. If it was 45.78 it would show 46. I"m pasting the rule that does the rounding. I know, a kludge, but it works.

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That would be my guess as well, that things like CSS would not be able to act on the value but either replace it entirely or format the output, e.g. color, don't, etc.

Thanks. That works.