Dashboard direct links?

Is there a way to create direct dashboard links in iOS devices to specific dashboards? I know how to create a link to the dashboards in general. My dashboards are set up in such a way that each dashboard controls a specific room or set of rooms of the house. What I would like to do is keep an iOS device in each such area and have it have a link to the dashboard controlling the devices in that area.

Yes, every dashboard you create has a direct link for LAN or cloud-based access, and it’s possible to enable/disable either on a per-dashboard basis.

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How do you enable them? I don't remember seeing such an option.

Each dashboard’s LAN and cloud links are enabled by default, IIRC.

See, for example, the hub documentation pages on creating new dashboards:


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Thanks. So what I ended up doing is going into the dashboard creation App, clicking "Local LAN Link to Dashboard," and then sharing that URL with my other devices which seems to have worked.

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