Dashboard "Dimmers"

Can dimmers in the dashboard be changed to show what their "current" dimmer level is at, rather than what you want them to be if you were to turn the switch on/off?

I currently have rules set that changes the dimmer levels based upon how much sunlight is coming through windows, I keep thinking the rule isn't working because the dashboard dimmer shows 100% even though the current status is less, unless you manually adjust it which defeats the purpose of the automating rule.

Dashboard will only show what the state of the device is. Not sure how you would show something that isn't the actual state of the driver / device.

My dashboard dimmers only show what the last state that I manually set them at, if a rule is used to change them, for example this very instance I have two lights I know are on but only at 10% because of a rule from the mode change, yet the dashboard currently shows them on at 100% right now, as that was the last manual setting I made to them days ago. Even the dimmers that are currently off, it shows what dimmer % is set at if I were to turn them on.

Here is a screenshot what I mean. The "Living Room Lights" (in yellow for on) right now are only at 10%, but showing 100%, and the (in black for being off) lights show what the dimmer % is rather than the current state of 0%

When off, it SHOULD show last %. You know it is off by the coloring.

When on, if not showing the actual %, and if the device details do show the correct/different %, that is likely a bug.

The only time my dimmer % ever change is if I manually change them, if it happens by automation, they don't change, only the light status on/off (box color) changes with automation.

I think I have an area to where might be the problem. As you can see from the previous screen shot "Living Room Lights" is a "group" of Living Room Light 1 and Living Room Light 2....The device details for EACH of those show 10%, but the device details for the "group" show 100%, also these are not RGB bulbs and doesn't list them as such in the individual status, but when put in the group it shows them as RGB bulb and set to a green color, which they are white only bulbs. I don't see where this can be addressed in the "group" settings?

Looking at all four of my sets of "group lights" all are white only bulbs and none are RGB, but the grouping lists them as RGB.

"Group lights" are meant to cover all scenarios including if the are rgb bulbs in the group. Let's say you had 1 bulb in that group that was a color bulb. Then the color control would affect only that one bulb.

It has been my understanding that if you individually control bulbs that are part of the group...the group cannot really give an accurate value for level because the different bulbs are at different levels. The slider allows you to set all their levels simultaneously but won't show an accurate status if you start individually controlling the bulbs.

It seems like you don't use the group device for setting the bulbs levels together but more for on/off control. If this is true, I think you can try to change the template from dimmer to bulb on the dashboard. This way you won't have to look at an inaccurate level.

No I do everything as a group, on/off and dimmer percentage changes. Ever since they have been added as a group I have never adjusted each bulb individually, but the group setting doesn't accurately show what the "current" dimmer status is of both bulbs like the individual status does. Both bulbs are at the same levels as well.

I have a rule set on mode changes to day Living Room Lights dimmer set to 50%, Evening set to 100%, and Night 10%, yet the Living Room Lights "group" device status shows they are 100% all day everyday, even though the "individual" device settings accurately show their current status

That is strange. I have a group and it does not behave this way. Please paste a screenshot of the Rule you are referring to.

That led to the solution, I noticed that I created those rules/mode changes prior to using the "grouping app" and after using the grouping app I creating the dashboard tiles in which I was using the grouping device statuses therefore each of the rules/mode changes had each bulb listed individually, after changing this to the "group" device, the dashboard dimmers now accurately show the current status. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.