Dashboard "Devices Used" Question

Hello Again,

Is there a way to see which device-template have already added to a dashboard so you do not duplicate it? I have over 200 devices and it is becoming tough to manage this lol, maybe I am missing something.

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I'm not quite following you on this one. But if you go into "Advanced" it will show you everything on that board. I am very curious as to what you are using to view over 200 devices. I'm thinking 55" tv :grinning:

Do you really mean device template? Or the actual device?

Device templates are like switch, button, contact sensor, etc.

Sorry for not clarifying (coffee now working) :slight_smile: Some devices I have multiple templates/tiles for or I used too when I used ActionTiles (I want to consolidate my tools and use Hubitat). Ex: I have a battery tile and a temperature tile for a smart button, in that case I would need to know if I added this device to the dashboard in question and via what template flavor.

Thanks Again

I'm still a little confused as to how you wouldn't know if it was there. The templates are board specific. So if you modify it, it is for that board only. As far as not knowing what template you used, click on the 3 dots on the tile itself and it will show you. You could also click on the setting sprocket - Advanced. Under layout it will show you everything on the board. You could copy this to another board and it will appear exactly as you had it on the other board.

So for each board, can a device already added to that board be "grayed-out" so we know that it was already added to that board?


This is where you are losing me. You will know you added it to the board because it will be on the board. The only place to add tiles is on the dashboard it self. When you add it, it appears, on the board. Have you created a dashboard yet?

I assume the poster just has a large dashboard (possibly one that scrolls, which it will if you don't blank out the height/width fields to auto-size), so finding if you have already added a specific device with a specific template is not as easy as it may be for smaller dashboards. It's certainly possible in general to look and see, as you suggest, but I suspect that is not really practical when you'd have to scroll underneath the modal box that creates/modify tiles.

A dashboard so big I don't know what's on it also sounds impractical to me, however, so I'd personally probably split that up (you can create multiple dashboards and even link one to the other with a tile). But that's just me. :slight_smile:

Yes bertabcd1234 is correct, ActionTiles offers this and it is very handy. I have one 32" Dashboard on a wireless monitor for example that has around 65 devices on it including IP cameras, etc.

Thank you

I here you, my main board is 11x6 and has 66 items on it. Actually, it's only 63, one is a "MyTile" that takes up 4 spaces. If you leave the column width and row height blank it will auto fit.