Dashboard Device Status Incorrect

When I open the dashboard via the web (logged in directly to the hub via local IP) or the mobile app, my lights (added using the dimmer template) do not always show the proper status. Right now, as I'm typing, the dashboard lists 2 lights as on that are actually off.

Is there any way to get this to refresh so that the proper status is shown? Ideally, the web interface or the app would ping the hub to do this update each time I open it, but I also realize that's probably an expensive call.

Do the devices show the correct state on the device page? The device state changes are pushed through a websocket and should be kept updated, usually when this issue occurs it's because the devices themselves have not had their states updated.

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You are correct. The device page also shows the improper status of those lights. Given that, how do I get them to show the proper state?

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What type of lights are they? Brand and Model would be very helpful for troubleshooting. You could even share a screenshot of the device details page for one of them.

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They are all CREE Zigbee bulbs (Cree BA19-08027OMF-12CE26-1C100).

The device page lists the model as: Connected A-19 60W Equivalent

Cree bulbs are known to drop off of the Zigbee mesh network, as well as cause Zigbee network stability issues when paired to the Hub, along with other Zigbee HA1.2 devices, like motion sensors, contact sensors, leak sensors, switches, dimmers, etc...

Are you able to control these devices from Hubitat, via the Device Details web page?

Are you sure they are powered on at the light fixture they are installed in?

Yes, all bulbs do have power to them.

I just attempted to turn them on and off via the device page and they did work properly. After turning them off, I checked the dashboard and it does show the proper state now.

From what you're saying, I can expect this type of instability to continue using CREE bulbs. Do you have another type you would recommend? These were chosen because (in the small sample I had before) they worked well and were relatively inexpensive. I'm not able to move wholesale to another type (job loss recently) and I've avoided other bulbs that require their own special hub (Philips Hue).

If you want Zigbee bulbs to be directly connected to your Hubitat hub, then I would recommend Sengled Zigbee bulbs. They are very inexpensive and they work extremely well. They are designed to NOT be Zigbee repeaters, and thus they will not screw up your Zigbee mesh network, even if they are powered off via a lamp or wall switch.

The soft white Sengled bulbs are only ~$8.25 when bought in a quantity of 4 on Amazon.


Since they are not Zigbee repeaters, that does imply that you will still need some reliable Zigbee repeater devices on your Zigbee network to build a strong mesh. Do you have any Zigbee outlets? These are what most folks use to strengthen their zigbee mesh. The IKEA Tradfri outlet is only $10 and works well as a Zigbee repeater.

One thing to be aware of... Sengled bulbs cannot be paired to a Philips Hue bridge. Your Cree Connected bulbs can be paired to a Philips Hue bridge. So, another option to consider, if you already have a bunch of Cree bulbs, would be to by a used Philips Hue bridge for about $30, pair your Cree bulbs to it, and then use Hubitat's built-in Hue integration to control the bulbs. This way they will be on their own Zigbee mesh network, and will not impact the Hubitat Zigbee mesh network.

There are numerous threads here in the community with the same information, and more, for you to read through. I also would encourage you to read the following documenttation from Hubitat.



I have the same issue with my Hue bulbs. The status updates correctly if I change the status via Hubitat, but does not update when I turn lights on or off via Hue remotes. I have decided to just live with that issue. When I want to know the status of lights in a room that I am not presently in, which doesn't happen often, I use the Hue app. When I want to know the status of lights in the room that I am presently in, I look at the lights themselves.

Do you have the polling feature enabled in the Hubitat Hue Integration? Eventually, the state within Hubitat should get updated, although via a polling mechanism due to the current capabilities of the Philips Hue LAN API.

Yes, I have polling set. My experience was discussed in this thread. The polling setting doesn't fix the issue for me although it does seem to for some people.

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I have the exact same issue with the IKEA Zigbee bulbs of different types - some of the 800 lumens, some 200 lumens. Just FYI - these same devices connected to a ST hub do not have this problem.