Dashboard creation - Garage Door (control) Tilt Sensor (state)

Hi everyone! I'm pretty new still to Hubitat but I managed to get my garage door automated with the use of a smart plug and relay. Now for the question.
How would I go about creating a dashboard entry that controls the garage door (smart plug) but also shows the status of the tilt sensor?
Oh, and I'd like the button click on the Dashboard that controls the smart switch turn on, then back off about a second later.

I'm missing something. Can't seem to figure out what I actually need.

I think I have the rule part working. When the button is pressed, after a 1 second delay the switch turns back off. Is the only way to get the Tilt sensor to show is by having a separate Dashboard tile? Can the control and state be combined into one tile (since they're related)?

But dang, it doesn't look like you can connect a Dashboard entry to Rules Engine.
I need to watch some tutorials I think.

What button are you using? Just put the button on the dashboard.

Better yet have you checked this out? I do not use it, but it looks like just what you need. Let me know what you think of it.

EDIT: If your using the Zooz relay you can check this out too. Search garage and you'll find a bunch.

As for right now, all I have is the dashboard to control the garage door. I will be getting a few different Pico remotes for the cars, but I have not bought any yet.
I will check out your link! Thanks!

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Also know that Virtual switches have an auto off feature. They can turn on then right back off. Might be helpful now or down the road.

So, I've added the Driver and App from that link. Not exactly sure how I reference the Peanut Power Plug (that controls the open door relay) or the Tilt Sensor. I imagine you have to modify the code in the app somehow?

Try posting on that thread and I'm sure the dev @muxa can add the option to change it from a switch to plug. Or create a virtual switch, and tie that to the peanut (virtual switch on/off peanut on/off).

But yeah I didn't realize it used contacts not tilt. It might be able to be modified for that as well. I'm not a dev, so just some thoughts that might help.

Okay, so I sort of got it working. I just needed to configure the driver and the app (user created).
It is definitely controlling the Peanut Plug but it is now getting confused as to it's state.

Most likely because the app is looking for contact to tell it open of closed, not a tilt. If you want a quick fix 'jerry rig' style, make 2 contact sensors and tie them to your tilt sensor.

Give the app the data it wants, and it should work. But again I think the dev could change it to work without the need for all this 'rigging' (decent learning experience on virtual devices I guess) :wink:

Thanks for the help!
One more thing. In the documentation it mentions two contact sensors. Not sure how I create one with it being closed in both positions. I clearly need to do some more reading on virtual devices.

Contact Sensors

The app can detect when your garage door is fully closed or fully open.

  • Attach a contact sensor to the garage door when it's fully closed (the contact should be closed in that position)
  • Attach a contact sensor to the garage door when it's fully open (the contact should be closed in that position)

If you only have a single contact sensor it's recommended to use it for detecting fully closed door.

I just posted on his thread. I think you are totally nail on the head about the two options. Thanks for the link!

Try this, work with a single sensor setup

You don’t need a Zooz relay to use this app. I used this app for my Hubduino relays and it works really well. The best part is my Hub has been reborn and hasn’t been rebooting since removing MyQ Lite.

Mark and Brian, this actually worked perfectly! Thanks for the heads up!

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Ooh, and the geofencing leave rules with the Presence Combiner is way cool!
Hubitat is pretty awesome so far.

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