Dashboard constantly looses connection?

Maybe I’m missing something again, but since the latest updates my remote dashboards are constantly loosing connection. They work fine on LAN connection. The connection status blinks (green, red, green)

Do you have an IP address reserved in your router so the hub can be consistently found at the same IP?

How about the stability of your internet connection? I've had cloud access act flakey like that with other manufacturers devices, and it was always a precursor to my having to either get the ISP to fix something on the line, or a modem that needed replacement.

You're not seeing the 5 second Cloud refreshes are you? The dashboard looks for new data every 5 seconds and it may be just slow enough for you at that location to actually see the intermediate red state... maybe?

Try turning on debugging in the gear, advanced and feel free to post the results. Probably some sort of error or useful information there.

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Does this occur while your phone screen is lit? Or when it's locked?
On the iPhone, it's well known wifi sleeps during locks. I can say that my experience that the dashboard gets out of sync and must be refreshed to get the socket connected again.

I can't seem to find that option what screen is on?