Dashboard confirmation prompts

In the dashboards I'd like to have a confirmation on the switches. I have a water valve that has to be closed during winter (irrigation system). If by mistake I click open that could be really bad. That would be really good.

I'd suggest having the dashboard item just flip a virtual switch; have a Rule trigger on the virtual switch change and check for "not winter" (month, perhaps?) before opening the actual valve.

I had the same requirement for complecated rule activation. Meaning, to make sure if someone clicks "Good Night" tile on the dashboard, ask them if they are sure.
The only solution I came up with (your case) is setting a "Stop Pump" virtual lock and add it to the dashboard.
When clicked, the lock is asking for confirmation and thus using it you'll get this prompt.
Then, create a rule that this virtual lock gets unlocked it will turn off the pump and lock the virtual lock again to make it ready for next time.
Makes sence to you?

Thank's for your idea. I was also thinking about that but would prefer a real confirmation prompt from the dashboard. Worst case I would do that. I already have a winter switch for thermostat that I can use.

Virtual lock ??? Hummm I will probably try it tomorrow, and adding the use of the winter switch as @jwjr suggested. Yes that make sense to me.

But I'm sure that our guys at Hubitat will add a prompt at one point :wink:

Thank you all.

For valve and lock. It's default with confirmation on dashboard so you don't have to do anything special.

WOW that's really good !!!! I was using it as a switch but you're right, the valve asks for a confirmation.

Easy solution, thank's !

For Hubitat developers, I would also like to have a confirmation on Switches.