Dashboard Color Bulb w/

Updated my hub this morning and now my color bulbs show as just a white circle with no icon indicating whether they are on or off. I tried deleting the tile and re-adding it with the same "Color Bulb" template again, but all I get is white circle. The only way to determine its state is to open the color picker. Any ideas on what I need to do to correct this?

I just checked and it works for me. I wonder if it may be related to the driver you are using?

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The driver is "Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb". It seems to be related to bulb color setting. At 5000K and level 100 (CT mode) the white completely washes out the icon. If I set the bulbs to a color (purple for instance) the icon shows up on the tile against the purple bulb.

Ah! So changing the Dashboard templateโ€™s color does the trick?