Dashboard Clone Still Not Working?

Seems I cannot clone a dashboard. Is this still not fixed or am I doing something wrong?

You aren't doing anything wrong. It doesn't work.

Create a new dashboard and add the devices that are in the dashboard you want to clone. Then go into the Advanced tab of the dashboard you want to clone. Copy the Layout and paste it into the new dashboard. Sounds worse than it is. I did a dozen the other day so I could format ours for two different phones.

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Are you saying to copy the json file?
I can edit the json but cannot select text within the json to copy and paste to another dashboard. When I try to select text, it simply grabs the whole window and moves it about the screen.

Click in the text and use your keyboard (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) to copy the text.

Got it. I thought I had already tried CtrlA / CtrlC without success, but it's working now. Thanks to you both.