Dashboard Button With Fingerbot

It'd be nice if there was some feedback that the dashboard button was pushed. I can see the related contact status change, but this would be nice.

Could add something like

.tile:active {
  background-color: orange;

into the dashboard css.


Perhaps. :slight_smile:

I did notice that on the Hubitat app on my Android phone, the button gives off a little 'flash' when pushed. Maybe it's the browser I'm using on my laptop (Firefox)?

Button presses (on a desktop at least) don't indicate that you pressed them. It isn't a browser issue that I am aware of.

I didn't try that fix thebearmay posted above, but I am going to try it.

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The Edge browser didn't help.

I tried that fix too, using some custom CSS that I had glomed a while ago as a framework to put in the snippet. Couldn't make it work, but I'm not going crazy about it.

That CSS code above does work, at least for me.

Did you paste into custom CSS section? (and save)

Did you refresh the dashboard after installing the code?

I don't know if I did that.
Too late, I gave up already. :slight_smile:

I did use it straight, as written, rather than try to be fancy.
It does indeed work...for all switches too, except that the switches light up on turning on, but not on turning off. I don't need extra flashing on switches because they work.
I was trying to just affect the one tile.
My experimentation is now involving cycling a gate.
Perhaps I should create a test button, lol.

I did this for a test button.
Now, I only have one button on my dashboard-well two, now with the test #465.
The other buttons aren't affected.
#tile-465 .tile-primary:active {background-color: orange;}