Dashboard Button To Pause/Restart Rules

Is there a way to create a Dashboard with buttons specifically to pause/restart Rules?
From time to time I need to pause several rules and would prefer to not have to dig down into the Rule machine to do it.

You could define a virtual switch.
Assign the switch to a dashboard.
Then define a rule that when the switch is turned on it pauses the rules you want to pause.
When turned off it resumes those rules.
EDIT. You could also use restrictions ans put the virtual switch in the section Switch to Disable Rule.


Define a virtual switch? Add a Virtual Device?

Device Network ID?

Type is Virtual Switch. DNI is whatever you want it to be, must be unique.

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Worked great thanks!

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Thanks for the clarification!

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Okay so now I need this...

A SINGLE Virtual switch, that:

  1. when turned on, starts a timer to turn itself off after 60 minuets AND pause a Rule


  1. when turned off resumes a Rule

I can't quite figure the logic options in the Rule Machine. Point me in the right direction?

Thanks. That got me 50% of the way there...

Basically the Foyer Chandelier and Basement Stairwell Lights are often left on and Motion is not practical due to their location in the home, so I need timed events to turn them off after 5 min, and a way to easily command Alexa to pause them from being turned off if need be, and also a way to if that when forgetting to unpause, it would do so once daily by automation.

While I'm sure this could have been done much more simply, I can't think quite that deep and far ahead to be efficient at consolidating it... and so If there is a better way I would love to know more... but I approached it like this...

  • Created Trigger events to turn the lights off after 5 min of being turned/left on.
  • Created a Virtual Switch I can control from Alexa.
  • Created a Pause and Resume Trigger Event controlled by the off/on Virtual Switch Toggle

The Above sets what I call "House Cleaning Mode"

  • created a schedule rule to reset the Virtual Switch to off and unpause the rules at 8pm every day if not manually done...
  • And finally a rule that checks to see if the lights are on when the House cleaning mode is disabled and the rules are resumed with an action to turn the lights off after 5 min.

I'm sure this has redundancies and is over complex but it's the best I could do for now... I'd love some feedback/constructive input...