Dashboard button for RF Shade +RM PRO

HI I have 5 RF roller shades that I have setup with the RM Pro through Hubitat. I am able to control all of these with Hubitat however the only way I have found to do it is to create a button on the dashboard for each direction and each blind. This results in 15 buttons for the five shades (up+down+stop). Does anyone know of a better way? If I can't then I guess having a rule to tied to two buttons (one for up and one for down) to control all blinds together would be ok. I have not figured out how to create a rule to do this based on a dashboard button push but I am sure its there.

If you have a virtual button, you can set that up in RM like any other button. What does the device look like in Hubitat? What driver are you using?

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