Dashboard broken (local)

I recently installed Mode Manager and when I went to check something on the local dashboard, I realized that it's now giving me issues. The UI is completely broken and I can't figure out how to fix it. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, no help. Please help!

I'm not sure this should be a problem, but it looks like you are accessing a local dashboard through Remote Admin. I would just use the cloud dashboard link without Remote Admin for this (and only use Remote Admin if you need to manage the Hubitat Dashboard child app itself). If that's still a problem, or if local dashboards are messed up locally as well, there could be more going on.

Otherwise, it may also help to try a different browser or at least a cacheless/"hard" reload (Shift+refresh or whatever it may be in your browser) to see if that helps.

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I'll definitely check again when I'm home. Didn't even think that the remote access might be there issue.

Remote Admin can also help you get the cloud link to test from away--just go to Apps, then choose the particular dashboard you're looking for under the Hubitat Dashboard heading. Unless you've disabled one, there should be both local and cloud links. These are regular URLs you can open in any browser, without using Remote Admin or the Hubitat app (which is another way you can access Dashboard locally or remotely, though of course not the only way). Of course, the local link will only work when you are on your own network.

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@bertabcd1234’s suggestions are a good place to start troubleshooting.

I would only add that these two events you mention are unlikely to be related.