Dashboard battery state

I've noticed that some templates, like Window show the battery charge, but Door and Garage don't...

Any way to change that? Or can we pout that in as a feature request? Nice to have battery charge on the dashboard. If I change the door or garage sensor to the Window template, I get the battery, so I know it's just the template, not the sensor.


I generally just do a tile overlay with a little CSS to get the single tile effect. For example displaying the temperature in addition to the normal attributes on the contact senor.

PNG image contact sensor.

This is what I use for battery reporting.

Looks like I need to put a fresh battery in an IKEA blind

it might be a tertiary field. i have that issue with my motion sensor, but on my contact sensors it's a secondary

Thanks for all the tips.

But, I don't understand why when I use the exact same sensor for:

Door Template - no battery
Window Template - shows battery

It would just be nice to have battery on a door. Just seems an odd design choice.

I agree this addition would be great, but to solve this problem I used Hubigraphs and made tiles showing the battery status of my sensors.

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Interesting. If I go into the dashboard, Settings -> Options -> Hide Tile Template Names, then I get the battery percent for both door and garage. Works for me. Don't need the template names...

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