Dashboard background mystery

I am wondering if anybody could help me with a mystery related to dashboard background.
So I hosted a background on my Google photo. Everything works perfectly on the first day. Interestingly, after a day, the background image does not show up on some of the dashboard. I tried different devices with different result. (attached)
In summary,

  1. Using IP on phone, background shows.
  2. Using App on phone, NO background
  3. Using IP on Ipad, NO background
  4. Using App on Ipad, background shows
  5. Using IP on laptop, background shows
  6. Using remote access, NO background

I really can't figure out why or what might have caused this. This really puzzle me.

Look at the availabilty of the internet to the app/browser. When you have access to it, you should see the background;when you have no access no background.