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I searched exhaustively, so forgive me if this came up before:


I've created lovely dashboard pages by editing css, and it works wonderfully being able to hit the little hubitat icon in the upper left to go to a dashboard listing page and select another, but the listing page style is radically different than the other pages, it ruins the slickness of the application and I just plain old don't like it :slight_smile:

Feature Request:

Create a "edit dasbhoard list css" feature so the page at /dashboards can have css applied as well to match my other dashboards.

In the meantime, you can create your own Dashboard full of Dashboard Link tiles for dashboards you use. I did a VERY basic one but if you are modifying CSS, you can make it look like all of your others. Then, in settings, uncheck this box for your dashboards and you will never have to see the native dashboard list.

Thanks @stephen_nutt I considered this, I just liked the feature and it's nicer than using a whole tile position up, alternatively a "make the logo click go to specific dashboard" would be nice, then you could do that in a more cohesive way.

Check out this thread if you haven't already:

People show off using the Dashboard Link tile in some creative ways. Are you trying to recreate the native dashboard list but make it look like the dashboards you created? I guess I am not understanding because my suggestion will allow you to do that. You would also need to create a Dashboard Link tile on every dashboard that you have already created to go back to this new Master Dashboard List dashboard.

If you dashboard link tiles are 1x6 (or some other large number for width), then you can get the same short wide tile look of the native dashboard list.

Something like this:

Since you know how to use CSS, you could get rid of the "Dashboards" across the bottom of every tile. I haven't gone down the CSS rabbit hole yet.

I'm considering a new tactic, I'm going to try the JS injector and override the click handler for the dashboard link in the upper left, take it to my own custom dashboard. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for being helpful!

The dashboard icons in the Smartly editor (beta) are a nice size. I use them at the bottom of every dash to navigate between all mine. This should be fully released soon, but beta tester are welcome to use. I think they do use some JS, but I am not a coder at all :roll_eyes:

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Based on your reply, I think I am a 5th grader trying to help a college student, I am going to stop. :grin: :grin: :grin: It sounds like I need to go down the CSS rabbit hole (as soon as I can get out of the Node Red rabbit hole). Please share when you get it looking like you want.

Hi @TechMedX, How to become a beta tester for the Smartly Editor? Or has it been released?

Yes, it's been released. You can check it out here, or google "smartly hubitat" for additional resources.

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Looks great. How did you make this dashboard? Also how do you create links to other dashboards?