Dashboard and Zwave

My dashboard zwave device gets in this state whenever I press the switch. When I reload the dashboard it will say the device is off (but it’s on) and it’s impossible to toggle.

Any ideas on how to get it to update properly. I have this issue on a couple zwave devices (zigbee, LIFX and wemo are all fine).

I've seen this behavior from 2 different sources. The first, and probably most likely, is a loss of communication (check your Z-Wave details page to see what the status is) and was easily solved by adding an addition repeater. The second way I've seen this is when I replaced the halogen bulbs in a fixture with LEDs and dropped the the wattage draw below minimum for the switch (non-neutral config) - needed to add a bypass to the circuit.

thanks @thebearmay I'm suspecting as you noted the comms. Its annoying since another zwave device (same model, same power strip) works well. The joy of zwave. Going to try moving it and then if that doesnt work replace it with a wifi switch so I can see the network strength better.

Do you have any other z-wave devices, are they working ok?

Yes, there are only 3 of 10 that give me issues. Assuming its the network and these are somehow on the edge but its a pain as they worked with ST, don't now and are close to ones that do. I say that knowing that everyone says "nothing changed"... and that "close" is also relative since these are outside switches and small differences in placement can make a difference. My next move will be to move them higher if possible and off the ground where I think the foundation/sheering supports and footers might be messing me up.

Since I just re-paired all of these devices and put them back, I'm pretty confident my wife did not unplug a repeater in order to vacuum :wink: I've also added a roomba, multi-plugs and anything else I can do to prevent that! Over the years I've gotten smarter and checked those things first.

I have many of these, and I even went as far as changing my metal boxes to plastic. yes I know the antenna is near the front, but the less metal the better. And also the z-wave on HE is much weaker than ST. But with some creative repeater placement I am just okay.
I'll ask the obvious, do you do a z-wave repair? And when that didn't work for me, somehow excluding and then pairing the switch allowed it to work. I do have a C4 hub, which may have a different z-wave signal strength.
Radio waves are pure magic & mystery

PS-if you have any amalgam fillings those are notorious for intercepting z-wave ack messages, go see your dentist pronto.

:laughing: JK

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Oh man, I do have English teeth even though I’m an American. :joy:

Done many repairs and reboots. I was hoping the zwave antenna was as strong if not more since it’s newer than my V1 ST Hub but am now accepting that this weekend will be zwave move stuff and guess if your network is better time.

If you have a preferred repeater I would love to hear it. I tried to standardize on Aeotech with ST but if I need to get more now I’m not sure they are the best.

Will also try the exclusion/re-pair. Might be easier to start there.

ya from my experiences the zwave is weaker (in terms of signal strength at the same distance) than the v1/v2 st hub was. It also likes zwave plus much better than zwave.. I replaced all my switches (costly) but got much better results when i did that.

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Thanks for bearing with me. The polling worked. Sorry it took so long to understand what all you guys were telling me to do...