Dashboard - access all devices


I have a few dashboards that are able to access all devices installed on the hub.
These dashboards can show tiles for devices that I add to hubwithout any need to add the device to the dashboard.

But all new dashboards that I add have a different behaviour. FOr the new dashboards, I have to allow devices specifically.
How can I change the behavior of the dashboard so that it can show all devices right after the device is added to hub ?

I believe you generally don't want all devices available to all dashboards. It creates more overhead, and slows down the rendering of the dashboard. AFAIK, there is no way to automatically have new devices available to all dashboards for this reason.

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but for example my Kitchen dashboard is able to access all devices. it is one of the first dashboards that I had added when I got my hub.
so this was previously permitted, not now ?

No idea. Mine have always needed to have devices added to the Dashboard. There is a toggle to add or remove all devices. If you select add all, then add more devices to the hub, they will not be added to the dashboard. you need to either add manually, or select Add All again. (Might have to do Remove All first.)

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I just looked at the config for some of my dashboards and they both appeared to have the same options (I didn't see the old toggle for all devices that I remember from the past). If you deselect all the devices in the list, do you then see all devices available when adding tiles?

if I remove all devices from the dashboard, nothing is selectable on dashboard tiles.

Yes, there used to be a "Use all your devices" toggle that would automatically authorize every device. However, it's long been recommended to only choose the specific devices you need, and that option is apparently no longer available for new dashboards (not sure I have any old enough around to check what happened for those if it was selected...). There should still be the "Toggle all on/off" checkbox at the top of the actual device list if you do want a way to manually authorize everything (manually in the sense that new devices won't automatically be added), but again, I'd recommend just using the devices you actually want. This will give you the best performance.


Ok, they must have tightened it up for performance reasons....

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