Dashboard 2.0 - Update 2.3.9

Note for developers, I have a Nest Thermostat V1 bought into Hubitat via Home Assistant.
This hows and works fine in Dashboard 1.0 but in Dashboard 2.0 shows error

Missing Attributes:

Update:- I suspect this is because I am using Home Assistant Device bridge and Device type General component Thermostat. I think the Basic V1 Nest does not support Fan and is ignored . No error shown when clicked in V1 Dashboard but looks like a Silent error is generated - Unexpected token 'o', "on,circulate,auto" is not valid. However temp can be adjusted in V1 dashboard.

So I may need to find another way.

That's correct. I have same issue with my Ecobees coming thru HADB but the Ecobees work fine using HA native integration. The HADB developers are aware but you can post on the HADB thread specifically if you want.

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There is patch available for that but I can't test it myself (I don't have these fancy thermostats)

Nothing new on Hubitat Package manager at the moment, Perhaps will be updated soon

Since it is still untested I won't publish it on HPM. The link for the patched driver is:



Thanks for your time on this, I've no idea how to update.

Currently installed via HE Package manager and want to keep it all linked for future updates etc.

I'll wait until updated in there as don't want to risk any breakages and want to keep it simple.
For me also :slight_smile: