Dashboard 2.0 - Configurable Thermostats?

It was said before many times - but here we go again... In Western Europe a thermostat normally is heating only - no cooling, no fan. No air conditioning is normally needed, we can open a window if things get hot (which don't happen too often here in Ireland).

A boiler heats water and pumps it around to radiators in all the rooms. I use room thermostats and eTRVs (which technically are also thermostats). Neither of these have cooling, or fans. I also have underfloor electric heating in a bathroom - it has a thermostat - again no cooling and no fan.

Any chance of having a configurable thermostat on our Easy Dashboards - options to state cooling or no cooling or fan or no fan???? Or a real simple thermostat tile, with just the option of being able to alter the setpoint - nothing else.

Currently, I have no thermostats that work with our new dashboards - unless I start to alter drivers to add unneeded stuff.

Thanks, Simon