Dark theme for hubitat app

Is there a dark theme hubitat app in the works for the near future?

Also, I think (IMHO) a great improvement for the app UI would be to make transparent the action bar in the bottom.

I don't know if this has been request before.


Would be nice if it supported the native dark mode of iOS and Android. I’m typing this in the dark theme of the community forum.


@bcopeland @bobbyD

Definitely on our radar, but so are a lot of other enhancements with higher priorities. Unfortunately, developing a dark theme requires significant effort.


Well, at least is good to know that is in your radar for the future.

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The great thing about the future from a developer standpoint is that is is ALWAYS in the future. :wink:


We don't always reach the future because it takes 1.21 gigawatts to get there.


Just because:


More like 1000hp :horse_racing:

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My hopes are high with the Hubitat App as it is their biggest downside against other platforms. You can watch Homehabit app and it's great, and home assistant app is also great.

I dont even have the app installed, let alone use it. I have zero need for it (other than when I smartstart pair devices)

So I'll take your word for it. lol


I only installed the app for notifications and location services. I hardly ever open it.
Geofencing is less than perfect so I'd rather have the @Hubitat_Staff work on that.
Function over form. :wink:



I don't have the app installed either. I have a link to the web page of my dashboards (when I need them) and don't use location services. I couldn't really find a use for the app.

That was the original intent for having an app, although we knew that sooner or later it will need to grow into more than that. We have been slowly moving into that direction, with more features coming soon - both short term and long.


A road map for future app updates would be awesome, even though some of that features are just experimental

They generally decline to publish roadmaps.

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Because they don't know where they are going?


(That was only a joke, they know where they are going. Lighten up. :slight_smile: )


That bites a lot of companies in the butt. And it even slightly bit Hubitat a while back when they announced the new services (Hub Protect) that were quite delayed from when they were announced. People were going crazy about that one.

What would be nice is a way to vote up or down feature requests. That might help gauge popularity of one thing or another. I have seen that on other forums, and it does seem to concentrate the requests to one place instead of having them all over the board. But that takes time and dedication for someone to consolidate and curate these feature requests.


A simple road map without dates, just features that their working on. I would really love the vote option for new ideas.

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