Danalock v3 not responding


I have two Danalock V3 that were working with my Vera Plus. As I am migrating all my devices, one by one to Hubitat and having already some mains powered devices around them, I decided to migrate the locks. I was able to exclude them from the Vera with no problem. Upon inclusion to the Hubitat, there is a dialog box popping asking whether I want secure/non-secure inclusion and I answer yes. The locks are then included BUT, not only they won't respond to any lock/unlock commands but they show up as non-secure devices. What am I doing wrong?

What driver is being assigned to the lock? Can they be controlled from the device page itself?

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I've assigned the Danalock V3 built-in driver when I included. When I saw they wouldn't respond to the device page Lock/Unlock commands I tried the generic lock driver but the result is the same.

Any idea what may be happening with the security issue I described? I chose yes in the popoup but it didn't bother including it with security on.

Does security say none or unauthenticated?

Says "None".

I don't also understand why is that device below saying "Discover" in the name field. When I click the button, it does nothing, stays as "Discover".

The device below [0x1E (30)] is a ghost device. Usually caused by an unsuccessful pairing of the device listed below it. Check the Ghost Devices thread for how to properly remove it. I'd fix this before working to resolve the Danalock issues.

It's a ghost created by a failed pairing and needs to be removed now. Click refresh to see if the remove button comes up and try to remove it. This can also cause your lock issue not to be right.,.. If the remove button doesn't work , power down the device that caused the ghost in the first place, then do the refresh and remove. Once done, power down the lock, remove it from hubitat, do a factory reset on the lock and then attempt to pair again (pair the lock and hub as close as you can to each other (preferably within 3 feet)

Thks guys, still new to HE, so not aware of the ghost device thing. Went to the Docs for some details and was able to remove the ghost with no further ado. Will remove both locks and try again.

No joy. Excluded one of the locks, cleanly, no problem. Included it, again the same popup, chose to include it with Security on and again, gets included but with no Security and it doesn't work. Clueless.

I'm thinking it's something in the lock firmware....Post a screenshot of the devices data section (it will have clusters and firmware revision in it

Here it is. No firmware info here but in the Danalock it shows 0.17.15 which is the latest, I recently upgraded their firmware. They were both responsive to Z-Wave in Vera before I excluded them, my house nightly shutdown automation included both doors locking and they did dutifully so.

Based on the manual, the Danalock V3 needs to pair with S2 security (or S0 security, which is undesirable) to function.

I don't know why your lock isn't pairing securely, but it isn't working because it isn't paired securely.

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maybe @mike.maxwell might have some insite

All good. Not trivial, but in the end it worked. I can't really understand why is there this trend of things working in undocumented ways in the Z-Wave world.

After stubborn experimentation and reading the Danalock Q&A that has some indirect hints, here's the procedure to reset and unpair one Danalock V3 from an existing hub and pair it with the other whilst retaining Danalock app functionality.

  1. Remove the lock from the door and take it to very close to the HE;

  2. Unpair it from the network. Set the HE to exclude and set the lock to exclusion mode through the Danalock app or by using a paperclip to click once in the hole-button;

  3. Open the Danalock app and delete it from the app;

  4. Using the paperclip, press 10 times on the hole-button, there will be multiple colours flashing halfway through the clicking, ignore them, stop at 10. The light will be solid red for a couple of seconds and then flash red. Factory reset done

  5. Contrary to what Danalock says, you must now include the lock to HE first, add to the Danalock app second. Put the HE in inclusion mode and with the paperclip, press once on the hole-button of the lock. After a few seconds, the Secure Inclusion Yes/No question pops up. Answer yes. After a few more seconds, another pop up question: what are the first 5 digits of the DSK code (WTF?). I found the code in a label inside the battery cover, you need to remove it. The first five digits are underlined. Notice that for one of the locks, this happened at the first try, with the second, this did not work, I had to exclude the lock again and re-join it to the network but at the second attempt it worked.

  6. The Danalock has now joined securely and you can see that in its device page. In the HE device page, you need now to enable the Bluetooth option because by the default it is off after joining it to the Zwave network. This was the hint in the Danalock Q&A that got me in to this direction.

  7. Add the Danalock to the Danalock app.

  8. Install the lock on the door and recalibrate it using the app.



Jepp, you need to install it with S2 security and i used a generic z-wave lock driver and not Danalock driver.

Edit: You fixed it while i was writing, :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done! I'm glad that you resolved that!!

I was wondering why you weren't being prompted for the DSK.... Ok so the reason likely is that you were too far away to pass the secondary security (this happens with Schlage as well)

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Nope, all my attempts were with the locks less than 50cm from the HE.

hmmm... Must have been the factory reset that did something for it... Never would have thought that would do it, but hey...z-wave can be a mysterious mistress and plumbing her depths will drive one insane... So accept the voodoo... :wink: