Danalock unknown status

Hi, would appreciate any advice that anyone can give.

I have a Danalock v3 which is currently connected to my Hubitat as a generic zigbee lock and majority of the time works correctly. Due to the design of our door we must lift the handle in order for the lock to work. If someone hasn't done this then the lock does not complete it's lock and hubitat then shows a status of unknown.

I've got a rule to notify me when it changes to unknown rather than locked or unlocked. What I would ideally like to do though is to force hubitat to check the status of the lock. The danalock app shows the door as unlocked as it knows the lock didn't complete but hubitat will continue to show as unknown until a new lock/unlock command is given.

Is there a way to poll the device and get a status update? I can't even see how to do this manually as it still reports unknown if I click refresh.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would recommend you to try [Release] Reliable Locks - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat.

I have the Z-wave Danalock v3 version and it worked fine before I started using the Reliable Locks, but now its flawless.

Thanks so much - Just installed and looks like that is doing the trick!

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