Danalock keeps losing connection

Please could you tell me why the zigbee danalock is not on the device type list, it is on the add device list, I am having really problems with my lock, it keep losing connection from my HE Hub, can anyone help please.

1: How many mains based zigbee devices do you have in your mesh?
2: Do you have any bulbs connected directly to hubitat? If so make/model?
3: What channel is your zigbee on?
4: Your lock should be using the generic zigbee lock driver.
5: Post a copy of your zigbee routing table from http://PUT YOUR HUB IP HERE/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo

Hi, Thank you for your help, I have 57 zigbee devices, bulbs, plugs indoor / outdoor motion sensors and windows/door contact sensors, everything else works fine, apart from my Danalock door lock, I have kind of fix the problem, instead of using batteries on my lock, I have hard wired it to a 12 volt transformer and a zigbee plug so when I unlock/lock my door the plug comes on, then it waits 4 second the my lock will unlock/lock then the plug goes off and if works every time like that, at the moment with it working, I don't want to mess around with it, unless there is a firmware update for my lock but thank you again for your help.

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