Dan Tapps Local NTP Driver NOOB question

I am trying to install the NTP update driver on my Elevation 7, and I think I am half way there, but am confused.

I got the Dan Tapps groovy code from github, and I selected "raw code" then selected all and copied into clipboard.

Then I went to my Hubitat page, selected new driver, and pasted in said code and saved.

All this went OK as far as I can tell.

I have some questions,

#1, how do I change where the driver looks for my local time server (I know the IP address for my local Linux NTP server.)

#2, how do I get the Hubitat to execute the code? Does it just happen by magic?

I read somewhere I need to go to devices and install the driver there?? that doesn't sound right for the NTP driver.

#3, Is there a user interface I can access to change the variables for the driver, how do I get t it (like the IP address, the query rate, and maybe other stuff I can't think of right now?)

Of course, it would have been ideal if Hubitat simply put this in the setting page, but this seems like a great workaround solution.

Thanks, Mark.

Create a virtual device, and assign it this driver. Click Save and then change the configuration on the device page to meet your needs.

@CoolJavelin Take a look at this and pay attention to the section on Hubitat Package Manager. Will help you for the future :slight_smile: Read the whole thing though, will help you with avoiding gotchas

Thanks aaiyar, and rlithgow1:

aaiyar, this is was exactly what I was looking for. I may have the port number wrong (I used 123, and I will have to check to see if that is correct) but I am well on my way to figuring it out.

rlithgow1, Thanks for pointing me to this noob page. I am reading through it now, and I am sure I will pick up a tip or 2 to help me along.



That is correct.