Cycling lights between specific colors?

I have color zigbee bulbs and an RGBW LED strip that I want to cycle specific colors on - like red/white/blue for July 4th, red/green for Christmas, purple/gold/green for Mardi Gras etc.

How do I write a rule to do that?

I've tried @bptworld's Lighting Effect app (which should be perfect for my needs), and I can't quite seem to get it to work. Colors cycle sometimes, but other times they don't.

Any errors? I use it daily with the lighting behind my TV but I use a random setting rather than cycle. They change color every 5 minutes.

I'll change it to cycle for tonight and see what happens.

Well, just turned on logging. And it is working perfectly. So I must have messed up somewhere along the way. Just trying to get my outdoor LED strips ready for July 4th

BTW, hope you are recovering nicely! And thanks for all your apps and help!!

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Awesome, glad to hear that.

Thank you. Taking things slow, that really did a number on me but things are slowly getting back to normal.

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I'm glad you're getting better and really glad that you're taking the time to recover!!

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How do i find the code or install event engine? I went to bptworld github and did not see event engine in the list. I'm a noob at installing custom apps.