Cycling colors on RGBW bulb

What methods are people using to cycle colors on a RGB bulb?

I have two sets of RGB lights, one which I want to come on with a set of motion lights, and then cycle through the rainbow (not random colors)

The other set I want to cycle through defined colors, like orange and purple on halloween, red green Christmas etc....

Ive messed around with a repeating rule with random color, setting the transition time to 5sec, and repeating the random color selection about every 10 seconds, but this isn't quite what I want.

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I should be able to add this to my new app Lighting Effects. You can select just the colors you like but it will randomize them.

I'll take a look at it today to see about just cycling them.


Should be all set. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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This will work. I had to modify some Hue and Saturation, because the null wasn't working on the OSRAM, and the pink value had a decimal in it, but I was able to quickly modify your code to provide what I want, manually creating colors like red white blue in the order that I want to cycle between them.


hmmm, all 3 lights in my videos are Osrams. I've gone in and made the adjustments though. Got rid of the decimal and the nulls.

Keep kicking the tires and I'll keep making adjustments! New version uploaded.


Feature request? An option to do slllllow fades? This might lead to a lot of signals...

Let me do some research...

How slow? I set my OSRAM bulbs to a 5 second transition, and used bptworld's code to set the color change to a pretty fast rate, the garden spots still look a little choppy on some of the color changes, it helps if you fade from color to a like color, ie, a rainbow cycle looks pretty good.

Yeah lots of signals, I've actually think ive seen this be an issue, as sometimes the colors stop fading, then catch up fast. Going to have to slow mine down a bit.

Aha, I didn't think about setting the transition time within the device. I have two LIFX bulbs in outdoor lampposts that do verrrrry slow transitions to random colors (20 seconds), but they are using the built-in "Set State" function to accomplish this. I would imagine other bulbs have different ways of handling this.

Just fyi, setting two RGB bulbs and two Garden spots and doing transition like my rainbow, ive complexly overloaded either the hub or the Zigbee network. My error logs show lots of

2018-10-23 21:27:13.864 error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Queue full (setColor)

So be careful when you do this :slight_smile:

Still an awesome app..... And I love the OSRAM Garden spots.

That was my main concern :anguished: . That kind of smoothness probably has to be built into the hardware.

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