Cycle ZEN 16 30 min schedule. One one min / off 30 mins

I know i figured this out before but i deleted the automation.
Freeze coming this week to Houston.
I have a zen 16 relay controlling a 24v irrigation valve that i use as a pool filler.
I'd like to have it cycle on for 1 minute every half hour.
Simple automation or rule machine?

Ideally, id like the trigger for this to be a virtual switch that i can simply turn on from the dashboard.

I can see a periodic schedule in rule machine as a trigger but if i select VS as the trigger, i don't see a periodic schedule as an action.

Anyway - appreciate any thoughts.


I would use Rule Machine myself.

Required Expression:
Temperature < Freezing or virtual switch on

Every 30 minutes

Turn on relay
Wait 1 minute
Turn off relay

I think you could have the same relay trigger itself in Simple Automation. The virtual switch could be the restriction switch, as in only run when it's on.

Or, you could actually use the auto/on auto/off features of the Zen16. But then you'd have to fool around with the device settings every time you wanted to do it.

For laughs I tested it on my living room outlet, which controls a lamp. It turns on for a minute and then turns off for 2 minutes.

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Will try that.

Funny testing it on a smart outlet as well.
I have it set up under rule machine with a periodic schedule as the trigger....i have it working well with 2 commands. On every 5 mins. Off same time delayed by a min.

It works but would still like to get control via dashboard. Maybe a conditional rule that only runs when VS on.

Thats my next tweak!


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worked perfectly. thanks

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