Cycle through Colors with a single Button

Looking for an App, RM code, or other suggestion for using a single Button to cycle a color bulbs through colors.

Thanks, Glenn

For RM, trigger is the button press then your conditional in Actions is something like this:

If color = A, then set color to B
If color = B, then set color to C
If color = C, then set color to D
If color = D, then set color to A.

I did similar in RM to cycle fan speeds.

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Sounds like the main reason I wrote this app: [RELEASE] Dimmer Button Controller (configure Pico to emulate Hue Dimmer or any button device to easily control lights)

If you're familiar with Hue Dimmers on a Hue Bridge, that's the behavior I'm trying to emulate here:


I was actually just giving this app a try. Its pretty extensive, nice work.

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